How to pick a good scented candle? soywax ? paraffin wax?

How to pick a good scented candle?

There are a lot of candles in the market, how should we define to pick a good candle?

There are paraffin wax, soywax, and much more...

Paraffin wax  ( as below image) is a colorless solid, derived from petroleum, coal or shale oil, It is hard and had a smooth surface . It normally used in crayons and decorative candles as the wax itself can sculpt any shapes from its substance.  image from Graham-Field. 


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However, if you lit a candle from paraffin wax for a long time, it can release sulfur dioxide which can cause cancer that would also affect our lungs and heart.

Soy wax ( as below image) is a plant-based wax formed from soybean oil, It is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.  It is a non-toxic substance which can last longer compared with normal candle. 


Although the price in soy wax candle is higher but it's a healthy product to use to maintain a good lifestyle. 

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